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Our Story

We're Val and Dave. Two teachers and wine enthusiasts who've turned our love for wine into a second career.


We've always enjoyed exploring new wines and visiting wineries whenever possible.  It wasn't until our trip to Italy in 2016  (to celebrate our 25th anniversary), that a dream began.  We fell in love with the everyday wine culture throughout the country. The most  enduring experience was a visit to the family neighborhood vineyard and winery.  At the end of our little private tasting & tour, we observed locals come in a fill up their jugs for a few Euros, for their evening meal.  (The bottles on the shelf were for tourist and guest to the region)  We admire the culture in Italy - daily rest from 2-4, wine cheaper than water- they are definitely enjoying life as they go.  


 This is when the aha moment came to light. Why not turn our 2 acres of dirt and weeds into a vineyard?  How hard would it be to turn the little "mother in-law guest cabin" into a micro winery?

Can we make great tasting wine to provide a resting spot for our neighbors and community without breaking the bank? .... and being reasonably priced?

We started researching & practicing our skills making wine with concentrated juice kits in our home, while renovating our cabin.  Next came to breaking ground to do a trial vineyard and lots of clearing of Elm trees.


So we did, and haven't looked back since.  We enjoy what we do and hope you will too.

Taproom Decoration
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